General English

  We have regular programs for English improvement for all levels of English from absolute beginner to advanced students.

While studying for any of these exams, learners will be given test-like environment simulated practice, to not only study the language needed to be successful, but also the techniques needed. With millions of people taking these tests annually, this is proof enough of the need to be one of the group of select people with an English language certification. Having this certification proves to future employers or study/learning centres, that you have the necessary English ability to not only survive, but also to thrive, in an English speaking environment.

Business English.Business meeting

In today’s business orientated world, having a good command of English can enhance your business prospects. Whether it be as the owner your own company, or working for a company, English is the language of business worldwide, and is increasing daily. Be part of that revolution and increase you business and earning potential.

General English.

In conjunction with the above, we also offer learners the facilities to improve their general English. For students who want to improve their speaking, conversation, grammar, vocabulary or listening skills. From beginner level to advanced level students. Any level of learner can be accommodated  and learners can tailor their study to suit their time, and their budgets.

Written English correction.

Do you want to improve your written English? We provide writing improvement courses as well as writing correction courses. These are mainly undertaken via correspondence rather than by classes. If you prefer to take a class with a teacher in order to  have that live interaction with your teacher, then this can also be facilitated.

Reading & Listening.

We believe that reading and listening skills develop along with other aspects of learning. Listening is something which happens in class, and can and should be practiced all the time. Reading also happens during classes, and students should also be reading all the time to improve. We integrate both of these aspects into our general classes, as well as our specific classes.

Vocabulary & conversationWordle

We believe that vocabulary and conversation go hand in hand. When you are learning new vocabulary and expressions, you need to use them when learning them, and see how the fit into conversations, and to practice using them. The best way of doing this is to combine vocabulary with conversation. Practice as you learn.