We are an independent company formed to provide quality tuition for students who want to begin English, or improve their English. From beginner to advanced students. We also provide preparation classes for English academic exams, to students wishing to enter into an English speaking environment for work or for study.

The name English Everest came from the idea that a climbing a mountain is one of the ultimate challenges in life. And what better mountain to use for the ultimate challenge, than Mount Everest.

Anything we undertake in life, which entails learning can seem like a mountain at the beginning. You look up and see a huge challenge ahead. All challenges can be overcome, and with our help you can overcome your ”English Everest” With time and dedication and the right teachers, you can reach the “summit” of mastering English in your daily life.

Life is all about challenges. We will guide you through this challenge and help you to achieve your goals.

My name is Trevor Gordon. I am from Northampton in the UK. I am currently based in The Philippines, and have made my home here. I have been an English teacher for the past 9 years and have taught a range of English courses, to students from more than 40 different countries.

In my last position I was head teacher at an English institute where I, was responsible for designing the curriculum for students, providing entry level tests to new students, teaching all levels of students from beginner to Advanced. I taught classes for students wishing to take Cambridge exams FCE CAE and CPE, and IELTS review classes.

My company also provided and managed TEFL teacher training courses for students training to become English teachers. I was the lead trainer for our 1 month in-house courses, and oversaw teacher’s practice classes and demonstration classes. I provided grading and assessment marks for final certificates.


Cambridge Grammar.

Cambridge FCE.

Cambridge IELTS.

Cambridge CAE.