Skype is one of the most popular video and voice chatting applications. This is the main application we use at English Everest. All classes, where a student has not made a request for another application, will be conducted over Skype.  Click on the icon to go to the Skype page for download and set up information.


VSee       Vsee is one of a new breed of application. It is similar to Skype but it is more versatile and uses less resources. It is more suited to low bandwidth links  and the quality  is equally good. It is free to download from their website.



WeChat is used mainly in Asia, and particularly in China.  Students using this application already can request classes using WeChat when registering and booking classes.  Click on the icon to go to the WeChat page to download and install the application.




LINE is another popular application used in Asia, mainly in China, but it is also used in other asian countries. To use LINE please request when registering and booking classes. Click on the icon for more information.


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Kakao Talk

Kakao Talk is one of the number one application in South Korea. Used for everyday chatting and communications. It hosts both voice and video calls. This is also available upon request when registering and booking classes. Click on the icon for more information.




For Apple Mac or iPhone users, there is the ever increasing FaceTime application used for video and voice calls. As most teachers have Windows based computers, this application may not be available with all teachers. Please contact us for more information.



Viber logoFor Viber users, who mostly reside in Europe. We also provide a service for voice and video. Please enquire if you need further information.




BBMBBM (Blackberry messenger) has also been added recently to our service for the many users in Indonesia, Nigeria, and Thailand. As we are relatively new to this service, please ask for further information by contacting us, if you would like to use this app to connect with us.



Google HangoutsGoogle Hangouts is another free popular application for making and receiving your classes. Millions of people use Google for many other purposes. Add Hangouts to your Google account and take the opportunity to use it for your English study. Click on the icon to setup and connect to Google Hangouts.

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