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Exam preparation

In order to prepare you for English exams, our experienced tutors will provide excellent guidance, in any aspect you need to study.

General English

We cover all aspects of general English such as: grammar, vocabulary, conversation, pronunciation, reading, listening, speaking, and writing.

Business English

In the ever expanding international business community, get ahead by having the international language of business as one of your skills.


We make every effort to enable students to use apps they already have to study with.


Affiliate Immigration services to Canada. For study, work, and permanent residence.


Introducing our latest aid for students by way of our new You Tube channel. Watch and practice.

 Our Story

Our Story

We are an independent company formed to
provide quality tuition for students wishing to
learn or improve English. We also provide
preparation lessons for students taking
English academic exams, to enter into an
English speaking environment for work or
for study.

Our Team

Partnerships involve teamwork. Check out our team.
Trevor Gordon
Trevor Gordon
Founder & CEO
Ella Gordon
Ella Gordon
Bookings manager

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Latest News

  • Skype Update.

    Microsoft changes decision to cease support for Skype 7. https://tcrn.ch/2vpWzcj Some users may well be unaware that Microsoft (the owners of Skype) made a decision recently to cease all support of Skype version 7 and below, and all users would have to update to Version 8 (which works as part of the Browser). This was […]

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    Sample speaking test (Band 9)

    Back Listen to this example of a speaking test. Although the speaker is native so the band score is high, you can take many of the expressions provided and practice them to use in your speaking. Listen to the audio, and follow the tape-script. Part 1 Where are you from? I’m from Cusco, Peru, located […]

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  • QR codes

     Contact us via e-mail by using our QR code.(scan the code to send an e-mail to us on our admin address).   More QR codes will be available shortly to provide you with easier booking methods and also English material to use.      

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    New App

    There is a new application now available on the market which is giving Skype a run for its money. This new application is called VSee This is a free application which can: Create free group calls, Record conversations/calls, Monitor traffic across connection, Utilize much lower bandwidth than Skype (making it idea for slower connections). We […]

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  • Live Chat

    We now offer live chat! a new feature of our website. If you have questions about our courses and our rates, or any other aspect which is not covered on the site just click on our ‘tag and open the box to chat with our agent. We currently have 1 available agent to talk to […]

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    English should be learnt, not studied.

    We all have different reasons as to why we need English. They vary from marriage, to work, to the desire to meet new people, to going to university. But there are also other less obvious reasons. To get a better job, to appease one’s parents, to take tests, and to fit in with the crowd, […]

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  • Why we need correct English in Business!

    Business communication is all about giving and receiving information. We place orders, give instructions, receive orders, give specific detail. Examples are: Delivery dates. Quantity information. Shipping. Type of product/order. Contact information. Availability times. Confirmations. Scheduling for meetings. Taking notes or minutes of meetings. The list goes on… One of the most important factors in communication […]

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    The cost of English tests is set to continue to rise due to the popularity of not only the language, but also of people wanting to go to English speaking countries like America, Canada, The UK, South Africa, Australia, and New Zealand to study or for experience. Having English in you arsenal of weapons gives […]

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